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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Duncan Harvey, Dec 5, 2001.

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    Got my 3802 last night - very impressed but one query re component video

    Have connected my Pioneer 737 and PS2 via the component inputs and am running component out to my Tosh 56WHOB.

    On black screens - ie when the ps2 is getting ready to load etc, or a fade to black on a film, there is a distinct rippling on screen - akin to the effect you get sometimes when using a cheapo scart lead.

    I'm using good quality interconnects so dont think theres necessarily a problem here - is it perhaps cross talk in the amp between the two sources?

    anyone else using the 3802 with component video?


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    Jan 8, 2001
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    I thought you weren't going to upgrade your amp in the near future! You obviously succumbed to the pressure...

    I get exactly the same problem with my PS2 connected to the AVCA1SE. My Tosh SD9000 DVD is perfect, connect via IXOS cabling, but the PS2 exhibits the rippling you mentioned on dark screens. I think the PS2 component cable is fairly low quality without screening, there is a Monster cable available from the US but my local dealer is charging £70 for it, and as I only use the PS2 for gaming I'm not sure I can justify it. By the way, the output is a Monster Component cable to my Tosh 40WHO8B, and as both DVD and PS2 use this I suspect the weakness lies in the cheap PS2 cable.

    Still, not too bad in most conditions, and now I can play SSX Tricky in DTS surround now that my PS2 is close enough to the amp for my optical lead.

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