37WLT66 & Composite


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I setup my new 37WLT66 earlier today, now very happy with it after some tinkering with the picture settings. My connections are as follows:

HDMI1 - DVD Player
HDMI2 - Mac Mini
Component - Xbox 360
Composite (Rear) - AV Amp (for setup menus)

Now my problem is I can't get the TV to display the input connected to the rear composite input, but can select the other three just fine.

I'm sure it's just me doing something wrong, can anyone advise?


I had similar with my 32 inch version after it arrived on Wednesday...

My problem was that the 3 phono sockets on the rear (the ones labelled "monitor") are actually OUTPUTS. If you look at the label above them it has an arrow pointing out of the circle.

Resolved by using the three phono sockets on the side of the set.:suicide:

Don't know if that's your problem.

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