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37PW7 and Windows Question (esp. 4 deleted member)


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I have hooked up my PC (Running Windows XP Pro) to my 37" PW7 via the DVI. The monitor just shows up as a Plug and Play monitior and has a set of standard windows resolutions. If I drop the resolution down to 800x600 it is quite resonable.

I remember reading a post by deleted member who has the same screen saying she plugged in Windows MCE and it recognised the screen and drove it at the native res (856x560?).

As MCE is just XP with a s****y front end, are their any drivers that I can plug in to get the display better?

Also, is it worth upgrading a partition to Windows MCE 2005? Will it work with my ATi 9200 SE card?




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My set-up is slightly different, nvidia card rather than ATI and VGA input rather than DVI. The MCE2005 is not an issue as the resolution is set in the windows desktop and is not connected to MCE2005 which is a separate application.

I am suprised that XP did not detect the make/model of the panel, have you all the latest windows updates installed?

Within the Nvidia drivers there is the option to choose custom resolutions and refresh rates, I imagine there must be the same within the ATI drivers, if not you may need a separate prog like powerstrip.

Best resolution I have found is 1280 x 720 @ 60hz, this is good for viewing webpages and video playback.

good luck
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My PC does actually recognise the plasma, it just doesn't have a specific driver for it. I too can drive it at 1280x720, but this seems a little pointless if the screen only has a native res of 856 x 560. Surely the best resolution is there for 856 x 560? Driving it at a higher res means that text looks a little old and difficult to read.

Has anyone got their PC driving the panel at this res? Is it posible without powerstrip or Dscaler.


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NAtive is 852X480..... BUT PAnny panels are better at down scaling than up scaling and 1280x720 is ideal so you can use this and get very good results. I think 1280x720 will work better than 852x480........for video


The problem with 852/480 is that you can't run a windows app in a pane that small. 1280/720 is pretty damn good, is 16:9 which avoids any desktop distortion, ie your photos are the right shape, and it's generally PC friendly. The aspect ratio is the big one though, and a fair few cards offer this as a standard resolution these days. And Lisa, on analogue you should be able to run that at 50 or 75 Hz, eliminating FRC judder.

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