37pf9986 problem



Hi, when i press the pip bouten on remot, the one of the picture i green blu, is this normal are
The Green/Blue picture - which input is that showing? Ext1, Ext2 etc or terrestrial?

More info please.

The big picture is normal but the anders are blur-green in PIP funtion, is this normal are
Sorry Guzel,

I can't work out what is happening to your TV. If the TV is working fine with its normal display and not with the PiP there must be a problem with the internal scaling. Have you tried it on different settings? ie. Dual Screen, PiP, Pip3 or PiP6? Is it not working with all of these?

Sorry I can't be of more help.

certainly on older Philips models there are adjustments just for the PIP within the engineering menus. If it is under warranty I would try and get an engineer to take a look.
There are engineering adjustments in the new ones too, but I suspect your right, Colin, I think Guzel should get an engineer...


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