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37PF9986 firmware/connectivity query

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by The alfmeister, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. The alfmeister

    The alfmeister

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    Hi everyone

    At long last I’m just about to take the plunge on a 37PF9986, mail order/’net. Hope to order this Tuesday and receive by Saturday. I’ve been following this forum for a couple of months and, although I’ve now come to the conclusion that this is THE unit, I have a couple of queries:

    Firstly, could somebody please clarify what ‘firmware version’ I need to look out for; how do I ensure that I get such a version (eg. when placing an order over the ‘net) and how I will be able to double check that I’ve got the recommended version when the unit arrives – I’m very wary of being on the receiving end of an unscrupulous dealer getting rid of old stock.

    Secondly, I have a connection query. My current other stuff includes the following:

    a. NTL cable box with scart connections

    b. Pioneer DVR-5100H HD recorder (no component output but 2 scarts and s-video)

    c. Sony DAV-S300 5.1 Surround sound system (no scarts, only yellow phono outputs/inputs)

    I’d like to beef up my 37PF9986 purchase with a Denon 1705 AV receiver and a HD recorder with progressive scan and component output............. but it ain’t going to happen (not this year anyway – don’t want to push my luck too much having got this far……).

    Is there a notable decrease in quality because I don’t have progressive scan/component output from my HD player or is there a way to minimise the signal degradation between that and the Philips? I’m assuming I would take a scart straight from the NTL box to the Philips (EXT-1), and also straight from the HD recorder to the Philips (EXT-2). The Sony might be a ‘weak ‘ link as it’s only got video ‘phono’ style (yellow) connections, however it does have a Monitor out connection which is s-video? Should I plug this into the side connector on the Philips??

    Thanks in advance.
  2. jimsan

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    Oct 8, 2004
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    Dumfries, SW Scotland.
    You do sound pretty well genned up.

    OK. The Sony is the weak link. Their connectivity baffles me! If you are keeping it then S-video is the best option.

    NTL via Good Scart to Ext1 - OK.

    Pioneer via Good Scart to Ext2.

    It may be an idea to bin the Sony. (sell it) An idea might be to go for something like the Denon DHT500 all in one to replace it. The Pioneer HD recorder will be fine as your recorder, so the DHT500 would take over all other duties:

    600W 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 AV Reciever.
    Fantastic Progressive DVD player.
    All the processing functions you will need.
    Superb Denon quality.
    Etc, etc.

    This would connect via component lead to the DVI adapter and complete your system nicely.

    Just an idea...


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