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I have been working on the wife (for quite a while)to let me have a HD TV, she likes the picture quailty but still see's nothing wrong with our 10+ year old 32" CRT. :lesson:

However, I had convinced myself that the 37PF9731D was the perfect TV, then i started reading forums etc and have found lots of bad things about this model, green lines, dark areas, etc and not supporting 1080p. I also liked the Sony KDL40W2000 but again read some horror stories.

In general having read all these things i am now wondering if i really want an LCD or even a Plasma TV at all. Because if i get it wrong having spent all that money i will never hear the end of it!

Can someone please confirm that i do "need" one and which is the best to go for? Should I go for a larger Plasma?

Nick :confused:


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Do remember that nearly 99% of posts on this site are for people in trouble and in need of help, I would imagin that the posts would increase 2-3000% if everyone wrote to say "Hey, just brought a new LCD and everything is OK and I do NOT have any problems". I have an older Toshiba 37WLT58 LCD and it is great, I have no issues with it, it has a great picture and I would not be without it, there you go a positive review.


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Sorry back to your original question.
Why did I go for a LCD over a Plasma.
1. At the time screen burn and the TOSH had more inputs, even the new one now has 3 HDMI's (WLT68), and that is the way things are moving, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, PS3, SKYHD, they all want HDMI.
2. As far as your choice in the Philips, I was looking at them and loved the idea of the ambi-light until I had the chance to see one in a normal setting, a house. My friend had it wall hung against his white backdrop wall, switched ambi-light on and YUK!, unless you have a perfect plastered wall and I mean laser flat it will show every blemish going, god it looked a mess, surfice to say he never switches it on.


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Given the price of the 37PF9731D, and the fact I would not touch Philips with a barge pole, I would look elsewhere.

For that sort on money you can almost get a Pioneer 507XD 50" Plasma.
If your room is not too small then that is what I would go for.

Better to spend a few hundred more now than regret you decision.

If 40" or less is your size limit then an LCD is better placed particularly if you are going to connect things like a MCE PC or Xbox 360 to it. But after 40" it is better to go for a 50" Plasma. (I still prefer the look of Plasma images over LCD.)

Try to get a good demonstration for yourself at a professional retailer of the Pioneer and I am sure you will soon forget about the Philips!

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