37PE50 - C4's 'Lost' - why doesn't it fill the screen?


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I Sky+'d 'Lost' on Channel 4 on Sunday, the opening titles appear down the left & righthand sides of the screen but I can only read half of the text.

I tried every variation of screen (16:9 etc) & couldn't get it to fit perfectly. Is this a broadcast thing or is there something I can adjust?



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What are you watching it through? aeriel, freeview, sky, cable?

It is shot in 16:9, if you are watching it as 4:3 the image will be cropped loosing some info at all times, normally you wouldn't even notice but it is difficult to do with credits which is why at the start of films on TV they used to satrt in the correct ratio and then jump to pan and scan when the credits ended.

What I am syaing is, have you made sure you have told your source you have a 16:9 display?


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The source is Sky - I flicked through 'Auto, 16:9, 4:3' everything but it still didn't all fit in....So how do I tell my source I have 16:9? thanks


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Have you maybe got your SKY digibox set to 4:3 rather than 16:9 ?

You can change it in the System Setup menu, Picture Settings I think.......



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Ah ha, that'll be it. I had Sky+ fitted on Saturday & although I must've changed this over on my old Sky box, I obviously didn't on the Sky+ box.

Another quick question not really for this plasma forum but related. On the Sky Picture Settings Menu I have:

Picture Format:
2nd Location Picture Format:

Would that 2nd location Picture Format relate to the 2nd feed Sky+ uses to record shows or the 2nd location in my house??

I obviously want Sky+ to record in 16:9 for use on my plasma but upstairs I have a 4:3 CRT connected so would it mean that?



It refers to the second display that's fed from the Sky+ box. Ours is cabled up to our bedroom, which has a 14" 4:3 tv, and our second feed is set-up accordingly.

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