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37" LCDs - Samsung Le37r88bd for €949 or Sony KDL37P3020 for €799?


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Any advice given, even a quick comment is gratefully received.
At the moment it'll be used 90% for ordinary cable TV (NTL).
I've heard Samsung isn't as good audio wise. Audio makes up 40% importance, picture makes up 40% and price 20%.
If TV does eventually get broadcast in 1080p, will it look bad on the Sony with its 720p?


37P3020 costs below £600 not £800


Ahhh sorry I just saw them!!In euros the prices are very good.The price difference between the two is serious though and the performance isnt that much different to justify the extra money the R88


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I know that the Samsung is an excellent TV as I have one. Strange pricing really as the Samsung is usually great value in the UK. If the Sony is decent it is maybe worth the saving :confused:

The Samsung is 720p also by the way.

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