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37' LCD recommendations required


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Hi Folks

I have been a member of this forum for months and have read hundreds of posts good and bad about lcd tvs

Need to make a decision so I'm looking for:

37' LCD up to £800
Running mainly SD broadcasts but have a Xbox 360 as well. I watch a lot of football so motion blur is a definite no no.
Would be disappointed if the TV buzzes:thumbsdow
Want the ability to watch 2 channels at once. That I assume would be from a different source like satellite box etc.

Have looked at the Toshiba C & X range, Samsung R87, Sharp & thought I'd wait until the Panasonic 37' came out but thats too wide.

Can someone point me in the right direction so I can stop dithering:)

Many Thanks



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Limited choices.
Toshiba 37WLT68
Sharp LC-37RD2
Panasonic 37LZD70
All are 100Hz(because you watch a lot football).But the best choice would be the Sony KDL-40D3000 with 100Hz too which is the top 720p tv!!You cant do anything to fit the 40"?


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37WLT68 I would recommend - 100Hz, 3xHDMI - about to be replaced by a 1080 Z series version so I imagine there would be some pretty low prices floating about.

Does picture in picture as well


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At that size and price, you're not going to find many LCD's with 100Hz motion reduction (for the football)...

The Toshiba WLT68 was a great/unbeatbale TV a year ago... but the world has moved on.... a lot!!

If you watch that screen next to anything from teh last 6 months it really starts to show it's age - greyness, lack of black detailing as well as concerns over SD source handling.

Does it have to be LCD?

Seriously consider the Panasonic 37" PX70 - if it hadn't been for my missus turning her nose up at the all-black styling and digging her heels in, then that's what I would be enjoying now :(

It will handle 1080p sources, but is only a 720p screen.... but it upscales SD content (Setanta, etc) very competently indeed which is a weakness of some of the top LCD's.

The TH37PX70 beat several 1080p screen in the Aug What Hi Fi 37" shoot-out, including the 1080p Tosh (X-series) - the line What Hi Fi used when describign the picture quality was "proof that it's not the number of pixels you have, but what you do with them"

Plus it's plasma, so it's better than the latest 100Hz LCD's, let alone Toshiba's year-old WLT68 series.

A friend of mine is a bit of a nutter football fan and he looked long and hard before settling on a PX70...

and check out Pricerunner: it can be had for around £750!


Failing that, you can wait for a few months for the Tosh Z-series (100Hz) to come out... Sony and Phlips have good 100Hz offerings right now, but they're in the £1100-£1600 price range mostly as they have JUST come out. Tosh's tend to be a bit cheaper!

If you are insistant on LCD and not prepared to wait (or pay more), then consider either going up to 40" for the Sony KDL40D3000... or down to the 32" Panasonic and Philips both have VERY competent 720p, 100Hz screens for £700-odd (as you would expect at that price!) Panasonic's offering is the TX32LXD70 and Philips have the 32PFL9632... I've not looked at the 40" Sony that much, but when you do - make sure you look at it on an SD source - that's was the let-down when I was pre-viewing the KDL32D3000 - so-so SD conversion and motion handling struggling with SD sources.

edit: best price for the 40" 100Hz Sony: £810 from SoundAndVisionOnline.co.uk.... new stock in on Friday.

also, in reply to:
37WLT68 I would recommend - 100Hz, 3xHDMI - about to be replaced by a 1080 Z series version so I imagine there would be some pretty low prices floating about.

You'd think so, but most of the prices that I've seen are still pretty high: it's the same old story - the cheap places are cheap 'cos they turn their stock over really quickly, so they're sold out.... and the expensive places still have stock 'cos no-one will buy last year's model at that price.... The best price incl online is at Comet (£750)... nuff said.


I am also looking at buying a 37" LCD tv.
The models I have been looking at are:
Philips 37PF9830
Toshiba 37X3030D
Sharp 37GB8

All around £650-800

I will be mostly watching TV through Homechoice and DVD upscaled.

Any thoughts about these TV's

thanks chris


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Chris - where are you based? I'm able to find the Philips PF9830 on the international catalogue, but not the UK one!

I'd be very tempted by that if the picture is anything like the other Philips models...

Full 1080p screen, Pixel Plus 2, and Ambi-light... all good things!

The styling is a little radical, but I'm guessing that's due to their "Monolith NXT speakers"...

Additional connectivity via the card readers (two) and USB ports (two) also looks promising....

The only real let down on that is the lack of 100Hz support (so sport will probably suffer) - but you'll need to see it to work out if it bothers you...

There is only ONE HDMI... this could be a deal-breaker for some, but is pretty much irrellevant if you've got it hooked up to a decent (and modern) AV amp as it will give you an extra HDMI or two... even my discontinued Sony STR-DG700 gives me two HDMI inputs (cable TV and PS3)... and given that the audio is all through threre, I need to change channels on the amp anyway!


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thanks for all your replies

I'll look at the sony d3000 at the w/end with a SD source and make up my mind... hopefully:)

I've changed the plans of my living room so 40' should be ok

Does anyone know if its ok to have a lcd tv in front of a radiator say 6 inches in front??


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cheesey.... the pure physical/chemical nature of LCDs is that the crystals perform better at SLIGHTLY higher temperatures.... however the electronics behind them don't like the heat quite as much (remember there''s effectively a computer CPU in the back of the screen to change SD signals into HD for the screen, reduce the motion blur, etc... and those like to be kept as cool as possible and probably have a bigger impact on the overall screen performance... if the radiator isn't cranked up all the way, it should be fine... if the plastic behind the screen is very warm to the touch, consider sitting in a slightly cooler room!

it's not something I'd do, but if there's lots of ventilation around the screen or a window behind the radiator you will probably be okay - althogh you might shorten the life of your screen.


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Can anyone confirm the Picture in Picture question. for example I would like to watch the England football game on BBC1 and the Rugby via my Cable box(ITV)??

This is the only thing stopping me now from getting the D3000 :clap:

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