37" LCD HD Ready TV for £459


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Edit: Sorry guys, I tried to change the title as it's a little mis-leading and may cause a lot of people to view this thinking they'll be able to buy a 37" TV themselves...if that's what you're here for then sorry, but I'm afraid you can't...sorry for the confusion.

Hi Guys

My wife works at an electrical retailers and has been offered an exdisplay 37" LCD HD Ready TV for £459 - which seems like an abolute bargain!

I couldn't find anything on the manufacturer though.

It's made by Maxim?

The picture in the store is absolutely shocking but it IS running off a coaxial cable :nono:

The problem we have is that they're saying it's a 'bought as seen' deal and so we can't return it if once I get it home and connect it up to my Sky HD box I'm still not happy with the picture.

Does anyone have one of these running from a good HD source (or a Sky HD box upscalling SD content)?

Also, as it's been basically on daily for about the last 6 months should I be concerned...obviously it's not going to have any burn issues like a plasma could but are there any other issues (I know that LCD and Plasma Tv's tend to last for about 27 years with average usage so I'm not overly bothered, just a little cautious).



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