37" 9986, future proof and best price?

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by sipian, Feb 13, 2005.

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    Few questions guys, hope you can help - having been through all the Plasma threads (my head is in bits !!) I've now come to the Philips 9986 which seems to get awesome reviews.
    Is it HDCP compliant and will it accept the 720p at 50 hz that is required for Sky HD?
    Are there lyp sync issues with this screen?
    If I use the DVI input for sky when it starts, whats the best connection I will achieve for my DVD player (prog scan.)
    What is the best price for this set you've seen ? I have seen it for £2150 ish - is this OK ? I would need the stand though, how much is this?
    Finally - do you think this screen is as good as it appears to be ?
    Sorry for all the questions guys, just trying to make the right decision on spending 2 grand.
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    The quality of the picture is very good. It does 720p at 50 Hz, but you will have small black borders around the picture (the screen is 1366x768 and the picture is 1280x720, the TV does not scale it like it does with PAL and with 1080i).
    HDCP is included.

    Will it be future proof? Depends on what sense. You can probably watch TV programmes on it for quite some time. But I can also guarantee you that next year there will be other models that cost less and perform better, or have more features.
    In that sense it is not really future proof, i.e. it will lose its value very quickly.

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