37" - 40" LED/LCD TV's - recommendations?

Daniel B

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Hello all,

I wonder if you can assist me, and apologies for the long post……

I currently have a 28” Panasonic 100HZ CRT screen (Bought for £449), that has been working fine getting on for 7 years now, never had any problems with it at all.

We have since moved house, and our lounge is slightly smaller (More square than oblong) and we also need to redecorate the room – it will basically be completely gutted.
Ceiling has already been replaced, fireplace to come out and be replaced with a new hearth/surround and a wood burner, and we’ll be papering the walls, putting carpet down etc etc

With this in mind, I want to get the right television to finish the room off, and to generate a bit more seating space I want to get the TV up on the wall and on a bracket, the plan is to put it to the left of the fireplace – where the current CRT is in fact.
Anyway, what would you generally recommend size wise – the viewing distance will be somewhere in the region of 10-12ft, and I’m thinking of going for either a 37” or a 40” if the deal is right – my sensible head is saying go for a 37” however.

I was quite tempted by the Toshiba ‘deal’ that is on Amazon today, but the general reviews have put me off, and if I read t’internet correctly, it would seem that the two main makes of choice are Samsung and Panasonic in that order – is that the general concensus?

Right, so down to what I am after in the TV.

  • Budget: Upto £500, willing to go upto £550 if it’s something very special
  • Audio: Not worried about this whatsoever, as I run my Humax through my amp and Monitor Audio speakers.
  • Screen type: I ‘think’ LED, as it’s narrower and is getting better and better? Please let me know me if standard LCD is the way to go instead.
  • Usage: Mainly for normal TV to be honest (i do like a bit of sport too (F1 Cycling, Tennis), rarely watch much in the way of DVD’s, so just your run of the mill TV programmes, and maybe a bit of gaming in the form of driving games, but that would be it.

Features and facilities that I would really like:
  • Two USB ports
  • Ability to hook up to my WLAN at home
  • Access to iplayer/youtube – nice but not essential (As I could still do this through a laptop as long as it has connectivity for one - see below)
  • Ability to connect a laptop or PC to it for playback of AVI files and or for a spot of gaming.
  • Ability to play back camera pics and home videos (Generally in JPEG/AVI format) either via a laptop, or a USB stick/ hard drive.

I’m prepared to buy now if the deal is right, or alternatively I can wait until upto spring next year, as we will not have the lounge finished until then, thoguh it would be nice to have a new shiny TV in time for christmas it is true!

I would be very grateful if people could recommend a screen type, and or models/makes, or give me some advice on whether what I am after above is achievable in the budget I am looking at, and perhaps what I might want to concentrate on, or avoid.

Finally – I’m going to need a wall bracket to mount said TV on the wall – I need one that enables me to angle it out slightly from the wall, and also slightly downwards.
Is it generally best just to buy a bracket from the place you buy the TV from, or are there specific brackets that I should be looking at?
Budget for this – Preferably £50, but willing to go higher if it does everything I need, and is good quality.

I think what I ideally want to do, is single out a couple of models that I would be happy to own, and then just trawl the web until a good price turns up somewhere.
I’m assuming the main candidates are going to be Amazon, DSG Group, Comet, Amazon, John Lewis, Richer Sounds etc etc

Many thanks


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