37/40/42 inch LCD TV recommendation


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can someone recommend me a few options for the above viewing size - sub £400 is preferable?

basic usage - watch a lot of movies - action type and so i think i need 100Hz refresh rate; I definitely need full HD and good image sharpness on standard definition as most channels are still in SD mode these days.

I don't really need freeview tuner or network capability.

I want to have a short list so i can go into the shops and see them for myself. Added bonus would be slim and style.

Many thanks


You won't find a TV without a Freeview tuner. If it didn't have one it would be a monitor.


Cheap 100Hz TVs aren't the genuine article & some retailers refuse to describe them as 100Hz, e.g Richer Sounds.....

'Also standard is Clear Rate Motion 100. Although this isn't the same as 100Hz processing, it does claim to offer gains in motion clarity through measuring the chipset, TV panel and backlight.'

Trying to judge a TV's performance in a shop is often a waste of time. The showroom picture settings used in a shop environment give a false impression of how a TV will look at home. Shop lighting is inappropriate. Retailers can make the TVs they want to shift look better than neighbouring models. If a retailer has a proper demo room, then that's a different matter.

Why ignore Plasma? Stretch the budget to £450, & you could have the Panasonic TXP42S30.


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i am mostly concerned about picture clarity and sharpness. I saw a couple of Samsung LED 5 series screens, the 5520, they looked terrible on SD. The pictures were blurry and it was only a 40 inch. Then my friend's 50inch LG screen was super fine on SD.


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Panasonic plasma? 42S30 should be around your budget (or the cheaper 42U30, but the S better). Otherwise, the HD ready Samsung plasmas (43") have a good reputation for SD


Look in the Which TV forum - where these questions mainly reside (I expect this will get moved there anyhow)

100hz refresh (the proper one) can make movies odd and oversmooth and adds artefacts - if you really want the feature and a quality stylish TV, you'll need a bigger budget :) The Panasonic E range worth a look (but £500+ in 42")

You are asking about a range of screen sizes, how far will you be sat? Has a notable effect on SD - too close = grainy


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You are asking about a range of screen sizes, how far will you be sat? Has a notable effect on SD - too close = grainy

9 feet away probably; which is why i was particularly disappointed with the samsung 5series; the 50 inch LG was super sharp i think i was at most 6-9 feet away even when i looked at it in front of it it still looked good

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