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i've got so excited about buying a plasma that I may have overlooked something!!!

i'm only going to be sitting 3m away. so would i be better off with a 37" screen and if so, whats the best one for the 1500 bracket? would be thinking panny, but the 37 seems to have taken some stick in some quarters on here.

i like my footy, so the best picture for motion is a must.


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To elaborate more - you may get swallowed by a 42" screen if you are sitting quite close i.e. you will be looking at objects on the screen as opposed to the whole picture. Its worth cutting out a bit of cardboard at 37" and 42", placing it in the position in your room and judging what it might be like. Not ideal but certainly an idea to try.


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I dont think the Panny 37 has taken any stick. Its certainly as good in PQ as the 42 (same?). The only difference I am aware of is that it only has VGA + 2 input board spaces whereas 42" has VGA+3.

I have 37PW7 and PQ is great. Plus its fallen in price by £500 quid since I bought it only 3 months ago - Yes that makes me very very angry (and dumb) :(

I am 8-9 feet away from my set and like you and most prospective buyers thought 42" might be too big. Rubbish is my answer and that of all who have tried I bet. Learn from me matey - go 42" and be sure to look for the cheapest deal around. £1500-£1600 should be fine for a 42PW7.

PS. If you're just after getting up and running I'd also recommend you stick with the usually included scart board - it gets some discussion as not being as good as a VGA or component connection, but again trust me, its as good as my old decent Sony CRT and thats good enough for me. Try and see for yourself.


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to elaborate,

I already have a 42 plasma mounted, it is watchable, but i've only had it a few weeks and basically it's crap!! i'm going to be getting another one and am bordserline between the two sizes.
I do sometimes find myself looking at a part of the screen rather than the whole picture, but there again, I don't really mind that. I guess that the real problem here is that i'm a shallow git for having such a crap problem!! :laugh:
I just wonder if there are any long term side effects to watching such a big screen from a fairly close range?
eyesight, headaches etc.

oh, sodit!! bigger is better!! :D


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We originally had a 37" but that went back 'cause it was rubbish (P*****s) - picture, not size...Was a little dissapointed that it did not look a lot bigger than our old 32" CRT.
Then bought a 42PW7 - well happy.
Doesn't actually look that much bigger than our previous plasma due to not having integral speakers like the first one, only occupies similar wall space....
Sit about 4m from screen....


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I sit roughly 10’ away from my 37” screen. Whilst its is certainly comfortable for day-today viewing, I sometimes wish I went for a 42” when watching dvd’s!

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