36ZP48P advice needed, Please.

Mr Quint

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Hello everyone.

Finally i have had the guts to register with the forum :)

Just a quick one.
Three weeks ago today my New Tosh turned up, after much waiting for the price to come down :boring: .
Got the Tv setup, up stairs in the Cinema room.
All seems well, what a super picture from my DVDs & Games, However after haveing the Tv on for a few hours (around 6 to 8) the picture my srink from the top around half an inch for a split second with the Tv makeing a click as it puts itself right. Now this has only happend 4 times since getting the Tv and like i say after around 6 to 8 hours or so.

Not a massive problem (i hope) but strange, my friend Who is a bit of a tv buff says see how it goes over the next few weeks or so, after all i have a three year warranty to play with if it gets worse.

Oh, also when switching on from cold i get one or two vertical lines through the screen bounceing up and down after 1 to 2 mins they disapear, anyone else have this?

My Tv is used just as a monitor, dont need the surround & i dont watch programs on it, so over all i am very happy with the picture, no dirty marks & no colour patches all seems fine apart from that little hic up.

Thaks for your time. :smashin:


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Hi, without a shadow of a doubt your tv has a fault and you must ask for a replacement. The picture settings on a 36" can be 'difficult' to achieve, particularly purity and geometry. When you receive a replacement insist that is set up in your viewing room and adjusted to your satisfaction. Regards, yt.

Mr Quint

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Good God what an idiot i am :clown:

After giveing the TV one more chance (B4 i phone for an Engineer) over a week ago, the picture moved an inch or so south again. :mad:

So i decided to tweek with some settings.
So after putting the Geomagnetic setting back to 0 from -15 the TV made the same click as i did when it would right its self after the picture move.

:eek: i moved it to -1 then back CLICK to 0 :eek:

Left it at 0 sice and have used the TV more than ever the past week and all, touch wood is fine.

Only moved it because my floor was uneven at one side and the TV was leaning slightly, However the floor is sorted now.

Hope this helps any other people that read this. :clap:

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