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36ZP48 - Advice needed please!!1

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Smash, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. Smash


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    First off, a big hello :hiya: from me, and many thanks for all the advice and information I've sought and received from these forums over the last few weeks. I've never had anything to contribute, so have only just joined. :)

    My questions are simple enough, and the answers probably are too, but alas they elude me as an AV n00b.

    I currently have a 32" widescreen Hitachi, which has kaputted itself, so I needed to replace it, and after trawling these forums, chose the Toshiba 36ZP48.

    I'm thinking that there's no point in having a nice piece of kit if I botch it all together with my old leads, so am looking for the best possible way of hooking my equipment together.

    My kit reads as follows;

    KiSS DP-508 DVD Player (1 scart, AV + video out (red, white and yellow), optical out, digi co-ax out)
    Grundig Sky box (soon to be Sky+)
    VCR (2 scarts)
    Toshiba SD340 DVD Player (only cost a pound extra to have it bundled with telly!)

    Now, my DP-508 is ethernet linked to my home network, and has access to 2mb ADSL for the Wincast radio thing, so I'd rather keep this in the loop, and lose the new Toshiba SD340 upstairs on the portable. However, the SD340 has composite video out, which brings me to my first question;

    Q1) Is there a significant gain in quality between a) AV and b) Composite? Because my DP-508 doesn't have composite out, although it does support progressive, as does the SD340.

    I say 'significant' because I can't lose my DP-508 due to the ethernet, HDD and fact it plays everything I put in it. (Put a coaster in and it tells you which brewery it's from... ;) ) So if the DVD playback would be that much better from the composite enabled SD340, I'd run it alongside the DP-508.

    Q2) Is coaxial digital < > optical for my audio?

    Q3) What make of leads should I buy? I'm not an AV-ophile seeking the zenith, but I don't want to sell my equipment short for the sake of a £4.99 Scart lead either. Bang for bucks is what I'm after, I'm lucky the Mrs didn't lynch me for buying the telly. :rolleyes:

    Many thanks in advance for any help offered, I'll keep my eyes peeled.



    PS: As it's a popular question in other 36ZP48 threads, the answer is £1,209.95 from Digital Point, delivered.

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