36PD30 take to US or not?



It sounds like people have successfully been using the NTSC progressive scan on this TV depending on having a good DVD player.

Since I've never seen what the NTSC playback looks like, can anyone tell me if I should exepect comparible picture quality to for example watching SKY? (if I get a very good quality DVD player in the US)

I can get a transformer to change the power.

I am really questioning since I spent so much on this TV I hate to sell it! It is a really good TV here in the UK at least.


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Progressive scan is not in NTSC but component video, and it is important to keep the terms apart and not call the video NTSC just because it's in 60Hz. Component video does not suffer from the weird color artifacts NTSC does. :)

Remember that you won't be able to receive analog TV at all for all sorts of reasons, so for watching analog TV you need to get a VCR. And you may want to research HDTV before you decide if it's worth to take the set with you... nowadays there may be better sets over there.
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