360 with 37" Hannspree - Best connectivity?


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I bought a 37" Hannspree HDTV (the higher spec version), and will be using it with my 360 premium (No HDMI port). Essentially, what I'd like to know, is what is likely to produce the best results? Component/VGA? 720p/1080i? Anything else that could improve results?




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Im not sure, it depends on the manufacture date. I have a JT 32" which was made in March 07 (apparently the best month to buy a reliable one) and with the component cable provided its as good as my PS3 over HDMI.
Oh and games change the resolution automatically so when you set 1080i or 720p its only for the dash board. I have mine on 1080i because there isnt a lot of fast moving things on the dash.


i have the 32inch gt model and connect my premium via vga, can get almost the exact resolution the screen produces and the 360 also upscales dvds with this


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I have a JT02-E2 37" Hannspree and the VGA port is pretty crap on it (try a football game for proof, the picture judders and tears like crazy), I'd recommend component for now (I got an Elite for Christmas though and on this telly HDMI trumps all)

Hope that helps!

Although if you have a GT series like the fella above the VGA input may be better I dunno


did hear the jt's vga port couldnt handle games that well. just tried pes on my gt through vga and defo looks better than through component :cool:


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Hi Mike, had my Hannspree a few weeks and the kids had a 360 for xmas.

I have been running the console via the component cable plus the composite connection for some early games which require the switch to be moved on the block for normal TV at 60Hz (TOP SPIN 2 TENNIS)

All I can say is I have been running the Xbox on 720p since plugging it in via the included cable. The picture and colours have been spot on. We sit about 8 feet from the TV and it looks great. Since we had Call of Duty 4 it's not been out of the machine the graphics are amazing!!!!!!!!!

I did however buy an HDMI cable yesterday and luckily my Pro model is a later one and has an HDMI port. All I can say after connecting the Xbox via this cable is wow.!!!!It adjusted the settings automatically for maximum resoultion. The game picture now is almost movie like, much sharper and the colours look at little less harsh. I did not realise it could get any better than before.

I cannot comment on using it via vga as I have no lead, but I have read many threads with concerns of tearing when playing fast moving games. I must admit like the other poster said dvds look good through the vga via my laptop dvd drive.

Often its a case of trying things for yourself and see what's best for you.

Hope this info is of help although a little long-winded, and enjoy. The Hannspree's have had abit of a bashing but I must have had a perfect one which I am more than happy with, so much so I got it for games only, but have ended up buying a freeview upscaling unit plus looking at building a media pc for it also.



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I've had the same tv for a couple of months now, i use a official component lead and it looks pretty neat @ 1080i, 1080p is fuzzy i assume its cos the tv dosnt support 1080p.

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