Answered 360 Pad with Play & Charge for Streaming? Or Wired?


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I'm interested in making use of the streaming capabilities.

I have an old wireless 360 pad, if I acquired a Play and Charge adapter, could I use this on the PC, or is it only the wired pads that work?

Do the Wireless Xbox one pads connect painlessly to the PC without any adapters? Might just be easier to acquire a cheap 2nd hand one if need be.


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Every X1 controller is compatible with PC via USB.

To use X1 wireless on PC you need the MS Xbox One wireless receiver for PC's or you can use Bluetooth but I would not recommend it, BT can be a unreliable connection. You must also update the controllers firmware to use this, download Xbox Accessories app from Win Store to do this.

For X360 only PC wired USB controllers work via cable.

The wireless X360 console controllers work so long as you have the X360 wireless receiver for PC's plugged in. Wether the play and charge kit works plugged into a PC I don't know but it would probably still be working over wireless regardless of the USB link.


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Thanks buddy, read the P&C is purely for that, no USB Driver capabilities.

Having only just acquired a One, I'll use the single controller I have to test BT/USB and see how it goes, and if need be will buy an additional controller.
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