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360 outsells PS3 in USA for July


Moderator/Games Reviewer
That's been the case for ages has it not?

Indeed, but i think his point is this was the month all the analysts were predicting the PS3 would outsell the 360 due to the price cut affect (as it did in Canada), apparently that isnt the case.

EDIT: See now i look stupid cos Ultimate replied before me, being at work really gets in the way of replying promptly!


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They should sell alot more 360s in the UK now with the 360 price cut and the elite comming out.

Theres also quite a few big titles comming.


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Why should we care?

I think we should care, The PS3 has had a few crappy ports because the 360 has been the lead platform due to the 360's lead. Phil Harrison of Sony has been saying it will soon change the the PS3 will become the lead platform meaning the 360 gets the crappy ports.

If the 360 continues to outsell the PS3 then the 360 will be the lead platform and we will get more games that would have been PS3 only on both platforms.

Honestly I was expecting a PS3 win this month (July, price cut) then a 360 win in August (bioshock, price cut, elite) and a big 360 win in September (Halo3) which I'd expect to continue into a slight 360 win in October. Then you could see another PS3 price cut making the PS3 alot more attractive with things being alot more even over christmas depending on the reviews of the 2 formats exclusives, lair, warhawk and heavenly sword over the next month or so are looking like they may be disapointments.

Thats just my take on it though.


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Excellent, the less PS3s Sony sell the more likely the price will drop further and I will get one to compliment my 360 :)
Too many big titles to miss on the PS3, it's all about the games for me.

By the way worldwide PS3 sold more in July than the 360 ;)


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Someone (Neogaf forum) came up with some rough numbers from Europe and basically worldwide sales indicated 60,000 more for the PS3 over the 360. The Wii was on a whole different level :rotfl:


Ah I remember the good old day of the playground arguments over which console was better, we would never talk about which console sold more, now though it seems to be a very important point for some, it's funny though I bet ford fiesta's sell more than lamborghini's but I'd rather have the lamborghini.

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