360 output problem? strange lines....


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right, since i swapped my old defective unit for my newer one my TV gets funny lines going in any direction when the 360 outputs on 720p. sometimes its from left to right and sometimes diagonally. its all wierd. i swapped the HD cable and i still get them. thing is though, in 1080i none of these problems happen.
what im asking anyway is of this is my TV going crazy or should i swap my xbox 360? note that my old xbox 360 was fine and didnt have this problem.
so... do i swap my TV or do i swap my 360? is this a known problem? ive never heard of it before.
cheers people :)


Considering you're getting this problem with the new 360 and not the old one i'm inclined to think its not your tv that has the issue. I'd suggest trying another 360 on your tv, or trying your 360 on another tv and see what happens.


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yer, didnt think of that. ill do that in a bit. thing is, the other day it didnt appear after like 2-3h of gameplay.

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