360 NOOBs (like me) read - A big thanks to all that recommded the 360 to me-


I love it!!!!:thumbsup:

Graphics are BETTER than my 7900 GT graphics card with dell 3007 hi def monitor (£1500 for the two) and thats on my SD pany 6 series.
The 360 is SO good Im selling my monitor and GFX card and putting it towards a "50 plasma

Anyone interested in getting the 360 should rush out to argos NOW who have the best deal at the mo and beleive me I searched everywhere.

1 x 360 premium
1 x Extra official wirless controler
1 x Proj Goth Racing

TOTAL £298!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also got the VGA lead thanks to advice here as this means I get the best poss picture and don't have to outlay for a component input on my panny.
TBF your set up may be diff but for me VGA saved me £70
NB: Downside to VGA is hardly any Xbox (Xbox 1) game works on it.

My initial concern was that I would buy the 360 and it would flop next to the mightly PS3.
I homestly cannot see how the PS3 can be that much better and for the next two years pobs won't even see a graphical diff if ever.
The 360 is far far cheaper and represents stunning value for money.
With titles such as Pro Evo and Grand Theft Auto out within the year its got to be a winner and I havent even mentioned Xbox live yet!!:thumbsup: :clap:


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Nice that u are enjoyin it.

I must admit as well. Up untill the point i bought my 360 the only consoles i ever bought were Nintendo ones. (Except the dreamcast)

But now that i have it im loving it. The software avalible for it just seemed to strick a nerve with me, games like PGR3 (Had Metropolis Street Racer for Dreamcast) and Fight Night R3 just made me run out and get it. Xbox Live is great as well. Downloading demos, trailers and more is very cool.

Ive became addicted to Live thou.....:eek:


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thats a good deal, glad you enjoing the X360 experience :smashin:

have you had a chance to try out table tennis yet? I just love that game though I find it difficult to find time to play games what with the 360's music and movie capabilities.


Add me to your friends list if you like mickey my gamertags wattso, if you havnt already i would highly reccomend downloading marble blast ultra from xbox live arcade :smashin: the demo doesnt do the game justice for it though just download the full version its great, soo much fun online with 8 players utter maddness :thumbsup:


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I have looked on the argos website and also in the new argos booklet and cannot see this deal anywhere?!?!, how did you go about buying this from argos?, is it in a special leaflet?

I want to buy one now!!!!


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I also am pretty much into PC gaming and have spent a lot of money on this. I used to shun consoles but ended up getting a 360 last weekend and am blown away by its abilities. I got it in anticipation of playing TDU next month but got a few games to tide me other in the mean time. Totally hooked on PGR 3, GRAW is too hard, (i prefer Halo where you can get shot more than once) but Amped 3 is good fun.


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could someone provide me with a link to this argos offer as i cannot find it on their site.

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