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Jul 4, 2004
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I am currently a ps2 owner :thumbsdow (until the 2nd Dec) :D . Please help out!

How do i connect to live. My computer, broadband modem is downstairs but console upstairs. Do i have to run a cable from the xbox to the modem. There is a phone socket right behind the x box can it just plug into that?

I dont have a clue, please help :lease:
If your boradband modem hasn't got an ethernet port on, which most don't have, you will have to share your internet connection through the computer, which is a pain in the arse, or you get yourself a router to share the broadband connection.

You will need to get a cable from your xbox to where your router is, or you can go wireless, but that is going to cost you even more money.

A router is aound £50 for a decent on, I would go for netgear or Belkin.
I have a netgear dg834 with built in firewall etc, and is ideal for sharing your internet connection with up to 255 computers. You can also add a wireless access point at a later date, which I have, to enable you to also have a wireless network.

So, the cheapest way is to run an ethernet cable from your xbox in to the back of your computer, and share the internet connection. This isn't ideal as you have to have your pc on when you go on live, which will slow the connection down, also a USB modem will alsoi be slower than a router.

The best way is to run a cable to a router, the router has a built in modem, so shares your broadband with everything plugged in to it, PC, XBOX etc.

You will definately need to get an ethernet cable to your router, which is usually near your computer, as going wireless is going to cost you more.

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