360 HD-DVD Drive broken?


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Please Help.
I have recently purchased an Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive from Movietyme. Installed it several days ago and everything was working fine. Whilst watching my first film (Superman Returns), the HD-DVD drive and 360 both shut down about 3/4 of the way into the film.

Both were in a shut cabinet and both have plenty of room, so I didn't think overheating would be a problem, guess I was wrong!
When I opened the door both fans were going like crazy. Gave it a minute or two and then turned 360 back on. At this point I noticed that the HD-DVD drive option had vanished from the dashboard!

I tried several times more, but it was still not there. I watched the rest of the film in SD on another DVD player and then tried again, funnily enough the HD-DVD drive option had returned and seemed to work fine.

In the several days that have passed however, the drive has crashed or frozen. It sometimes returns to the dashboard, or just requires a quick press of the 'next scene' buttonto get going again.

Today, I was showing off a bit of Kong to a mate when it crashed again. I restarted the 360 but the HD-DVD drive had vanished again. This time it was not hot and after about 1 hour, we were running out of ideas. I tried re-installing the HD-DVD drive software, but at the 'connect the drive' part, nothing would happen. The drive has power (eject works fine), but just will not communicate to 360.
I then tried disconnecting the Usb cable from the rear of the drive during installation, when reconnected, it was recognised and installed. Superman and Kong worked fine, so I assumed everthing was ok.

Just turned 360 back on, and guess what, HD-DVD option missing again. Tried the above installation again, but no joy.

Now starting to wonder if the initial overheating problem caused lasting damage or whether I am missing something obvious. Don't really want the hassel of returning it to Movietyme.

I think that i right in saying that although I have 30 days to exchange with Movietyme, I do not have a warranty from Microsoft as it is an import (please correct me if wrong). Also, my 360 is one of the first consoles, bought on realease day, with no major problems as yet.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.


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contact movietyme you have the 30 day warranty, they will replace it


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You have a warranty with m$ i checked this by telephone when i first orderd from the u.s :smashin:


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alot of problems i have seen with the 360 shuting down randomly are to do with the power brick over heating not the console itself,

is the power brick well ventilated too?


I got my 360 drive today. Worked for about 3 hours before it shut down and i went back to the dashboard. Now the drive is not recogniced anymore, and there is no light where there used to be a green light.

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