360 Extender Woes.


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Ok, 360 cabled to pc, everything is fine, able to play online and download stuff without a problem. Set the box up as an extender and am able to connect to pc and get all the media center menus etc up on the xbox. But, and its a fairly big but, it won't play a thing. The files are all there to view and open but then it just comes up with 'Encountered a problem, reset the device etc' Got Transcode 360 installed but that doesn't work either, just says 'unable to que or transcode at this time'. Can't play music, can't open pics, can't watch vids. And yet all the little thumbnails come up, all the correct titles and runtimes, everything. It just won't play the damn things.
Someone please help me out. I live on the top floor and I'm scared someone will get hurt when i lob the whole feckin lot out the window.


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Very odd that it wont play any normal media centrer content like recorded tv. what version of windows are you using is it media center 2005 or vista?

Transcode i had quite a time finding the right version that worked with MCE2005 i will look it up later which version i am using as the newer ones did all sorts of weird things. Saying that it nev er stopped recorded tv or music playing?


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media center 2005. Please help, nothing works. NOTHING. As soon as I try to play ANY file type it just says 'not supported' 'not found' 'unable to play' or 'files missing'.


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similar here , but my issues are known issues with Vista.

Media Centre will start on the xbox, then hangs after a couple of minutes. Search all over the net, can't find an answer.


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I can't offer any help other than the fact that it works fine for me. Worked with Xbox 360 extending an MCE 2005 system & now works with Vista. This is 2 separates Xbox 360s with 2 separate Media Center systems. I don't think that there are known issues or the many Millions? of users would be screaming. Most problems are down to network connectivity issues & problems with 3rd-party firewalls.


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a quick search turned up 50 knowledge base articles from the search term "xbox 360 vista media center" and that really just scratching the surface.

There are a myriad of issues that can cause it not work - many of them known, with work arounds, and as you said, related to the network layer.

Have a look at this


a 10 page thread tended by a MS employee who takes this guy through the hoops to get his rig working without much success.

Microsofts success is its own enemy. There are infinite variables involved in any given Windows rig.

Apple dont suffer from the same problem because they don't license much of their OS to developers. Ff for for example you have an Apple rig, you'd have and Apple Firewall and an Apple router and Apple everything else - far less choices to interfere and you pay a nasty premium too.

...but MS have work to do if they want to complete in this "plug in and it works" consumer electronics space in the market.

just my 2 cents :)

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