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Hi all,

I'm on my 2nd 360, after my 1st one decided to get the dreaded RROD a while back, so now I've really started using it (spent around 7 hrs playing NFS:MW & COD3 on XBL last nite) I've decided to get a external fan/intercooler thingumywotsit

I've looked on fleabay and there are two types available there; one being a 3 fan design and another being a dual fan with heat sensor type affair - Have any of you guys had any exerience of these fans, and if so, which would you recommend?

Many thanks.


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i would do a google seach for problems some of these external fans have caused before buying one,think the nyko one some people found that the way it connects to the back of the xbox it was causing it to melt around the power intake.


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Thanks for the heads-up, t1m103.

The reason I asked about the coolers, is because I've been experiencing quite a few lock-ups (about 5-6 each) in NFS:MW, NFS:Carbon and also about 3 (so far) in COD3. My 360 is well ventilated, as it's in a cabinet that has all sides open, so I'll monitor the situation and toe-punt it back to the retailler if it continues.


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Personally I would not bother with an add on cooler.

I have some experience of thermal mangement design for electronic products and adding fans in parallel with fans do not buy you very much.

I have also looked inside the xbox360, design and ventilation routes look very poor....so with such a localised heating/ desoldering problem around the GPU I think you will be waisting your money and as said above you may actually introduce other problems.

Only my opinion of course...

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