360 Bluetooth headset problems


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Hey All
I am hoping some one can help me resolve an annoying problem I have with the new 360 wireless headset.
NOT the official wireless controller and headset but the new completely wireless headset.
I host rainbow six vegas matches and ppl are constantly complaining about the feeback and distortion from the headset, is there anything I can do to limit this interference?
When I turn down the volume people say the problem goes but i can no longer hear anything.....the mic seems very sensitive.
I don't have any bluetooth products in the house, just the stuff listed in my sig, the headset is only used in the lounge at the tv area, so I am puzzled.

Any help would be really appreciated.



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There are lots of issues with the wireless headsets, there are plenty of threads about it already. Have a look on www.majornelson.com , at the bottom of the front page currently. Read the comments people have left. BTW the headset isn't bluetooth it's RF just like the controller, this in itself is causing problems. Apparently mobile phones, microwaves, wireless routers and video senders are all possible causes of some of the faults.


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I've got a wirless headset and it's in a room with a dect phone, a load of av equipment and a wireless router pretty much right next to it. Mine works flawlesly, in fact the quality is a lot better than the standard headset.

I duno whether it's pot luck on your room setup, or whether some of the headsets are faulty, but it could be worth swapping them and if that doesen't work try disconnecting or moing some of your equipment that you think might be interfering.


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Someone did post a temp. fix at xbox.com about this, and no one replied to see if it actually fixed it for most people, but the guy claimed if you let the Dashboard fully initialise and log in THEN plug the headset it it can work properly.

Could be related to some people saying that the headset works better after they powercycle the headset during play.

MS need to sort it out, though, if for nothing else just to stop the numerous posts at majornelson.com about the bloody problem.

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