360 bites the dust


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My second 360 has bit the dust, knew it was on it's way when it started freeze up on me. Checkered display, the best one though was RB6 Vegas was in the tray and it told me to insert the disc into a xbox 360 :rotfl:. Well anyway last was playing retrieve I think it was and it told me the disk was dirty :( and since then it just locks up after a couple of mins. :mad:

Will have to get it sent off to gameplay after xmas dont want it lost in xmas post, luckly I am going away for xmas otherwise I be getting withdrawal symptoms :D



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got the UPS collection sticker through today from microsoft. being picked up tomorrow

looks like no 360 for me over xmas :thumbsdow :thumbsdow :thumbsdow

looks like i got play the bloody wii (just hope my componant cable arrives from play asia soon !!)

booooo microsoft !!!!!!

I love you................and i hate you........


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can someone help me with tracking my 360 was picked up on friday and when I check tracking it says returned to shipper??? dsoes that mean microsoft or me??


Does a checkered display mean the xbox 360 is faulty? It has happened once to me.

Has it happened once sometime ago? or recently? I'd say if its just been that one occurrance that it might be just one of those things, but make sure you're keeping it well ventilated.


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Does a checkered display mean the xbox 360 is faulty? It has happened once to me.

Thats what happened to mine before it died. It got progressively worse until it wouldn't boot at all. Something to do with the graphics chip i think. Turned my replacement on today and had a similar thing but only slightly. Hope its not dying as well :(


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The checkered display happened yesterday. I dunno if it could of been because the room was very hot the day before.

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