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Hey, I have an XBOX 360 AV-VGA cable so I can connect my console to my larger PC Monitor. What I now need are some speakers that accept the red and white AV leads for left and right audio.

I have an iPod dock with an auxiliary input, and I've got an adapter that merges two inputs into one input, so I don't suppose I could somehow use that?

If I have to buy new speakers, ok, but please not too expensive.

Alternatively, an RCA to headphone adapter would be nice.

Any suggestions?

[EDIT:] Found an RCA to Headphone adapter, so should be problem solved. (It cost all of one pence! +postage)


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I hope the converter you bought has some kind of amplifier built in, otherwise I would guess you won't hear much!

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[EDIT:] Found an RCA to Headphone adapter, so should be problem solved. (It cost all of one pence! +postage)

No it won't be problem solved. Headphones are just like any other speaker, except smaller and attach to your head! They need amplification just like any other speaker.

Line-Out (or Line Level voltages) are too small to drive headphones properly. The results will be extremely poor I'm afraid. You can get relatively cheap headphone amplifiers if you search around. E.g.


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you shoudl be able to use the iPod dock I think, if you have all the equipment just give it a try, am sure will nto sound that good compared to proper speakers but is better then no sound.

I used to use my old stereo and connect it to the aux on that. If you just want speakers look at powered speakers depending on price you want teh T20's are nice (creative) have quite a meaty sound for being so small (to my untrained ears anyway but i am no audiophile ).

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