360 & 5:1 playback


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can anyone tell me how to connect a 360 up in order to get 5:1 output.
i have a yamaha 757 amplifier.
also, does anyone know if its possible with the original xbox
thanx in advance


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Just did a search and found this..


Does your Yamaha have an optical input?

If so, then the original xbox and the 360 (where games support it) will output Dolby 5.1 via optical cable. This is part of the upgraded cable for the old xbox, and available on the hi-def and advanced scart cables of the 360...

I think the optical cable is of the 'toslink?' type, but i'm sure someone more knowledgable will confirm (or correct me ha ha)...

The Dolby 5.1 option might need to be enabled on the xbox's too in the settings menu's somewhere..


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For your 360, you'll need a digital optical (toslink) - see this for an example. Im presuming that you have a Premium 360(?).... the optical lead plugs into the the 360's bulk connector that goes into the back of the 360 - cant miss the hole. The other end will need to go into the optical connection thats next to the visual inputs - matching like for like. Make sure that you enable Dolby Digital in the System blade under 'Sound' :smashin:

For your Xbox version1 - why not go component too? Your amp will support it. Use the same type of cable above combined with this item from LikSang - http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?category=83&products_id=1742&

Again, make sure you enable dolby within the sound option in the main (flubber) menu.


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