36" version of the Sony KD-32NX100U?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Mojo Jojo, Mar 9, 2002.

  1. Mojo Jojo

    Mojo Jojo

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    After reading the review of the Sony KD-32NX100U, I was pretty impressed, but the problem is I'm really looking for a 36" screen.

    Does anyone know is Sony have any plans to release any new 36" models or specifically a 36" version of the KD-32NX100U?

    Cheers - Mojo
  2. AndyFox


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    The new Sony season is due around April according to their customer services.

    I rang a month or so ago an asked same question and was told to wait till then to see if anything is released.

    Local Sony Centre MAY be able to help soon, when they get teh new Sprint/Summer brochures I guess.

  3. Mojo Jojo

    Mojo Jojo

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    Cheers Andy.

    My local Sony center couldn't have been any less helpful. Just wanted a quick sale.

    Thanks for the info though, fingers crossed for next month!

  4. MartinImber

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    Apr 5, 2001
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    I want/need one
  5. AndyFox


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    All we can do is hope that the new range hasn't all been released and we're just waiting for the 'pretty brochure pictures' of them!!

  6. bob007


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  7. AndyFox


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    New Commodity:

    The super high fine plane surface picture tube and " the memory stick
    " slot the BS digital high vision television 3 type sale which
    reproduces the on-board various digital sources to high picture

    The SONY marketing corporation (president: Small temple Œ\, head
    office: The Tokyo Minato-ku), the super high fine plane surface
    picture tube and the high picture quality circuit are loaded, the
    picture which is stored to usual television broadcast and the memory
    stick including digital high vision image, the BS digital high vision
    television ' HD800 series ' 3 types which high finely it reappears are
    sold to every nook and cranny of the picture.

    This time it sells ' the HD800 series ' with, to expand the line-up of
    super high fine plane surface picture tube " super fine pitch FD
    Trinitron " which reproduces digital high vision image more
    faithfully, it throws 28 types in addition to former 36/32 types.
    Digital high vision broadcast can be enjoyed freely with fine image.
    In addition, the image output circuit and the individual high picture
    quality circuit " DRC-MF V1 which correspond to the broadband image of
    the 30MHz of digital high vision (the digital * reality * creation:
    Multiple function buoy one)" with " the D.D.C. (digital * direct *
    connection) the high vision system " and so on, BS digital each format
    (the 1125i, the 750p, the 525p and the 525i) to in addition, also
    ground wave broadcast high accuracy does digital signal processing,
    reproduces to high picture quality. Be able to equip " the memory
    stick " slot, be able to play back the still picture which is taken in
    the memory stick easily in high picture quality, method of enjoying
    the television is expanded.
    In the sound quality aspect, " 3 way 6 speakers & the multiple
    amplifier system " and ƒo[ƒ`ƒƒƒ‹ƒTƒ‰ƒEƒ“ƒh " TruSurround
    DIGITAL 5.1CHTM * " you adopt the system. Also BS digital 5.1ch
    ƒTƒ‰ƒEƒ“ƒhƒXƒeƒŒƒI broadcast, can enjoy the three-dimensional
    sound field with ease with the substance built-in speaker.

    In the functional aspect, registering the channel and genre of the
    taste, it can make the tuning and program selection simple, " MY plus
    " function and digital high vision image in high picture quality the
    video recording / reproducible ic.link terminal, it loads the AV mouse
    which can make the video recording reservation of BS digital broadcast
    simple. Comfortable operation is possible.
    In the design aspect, ' the HD700 series ' with popular " floating
    screen " design you adopt high glossy paint. The most significant
    type of television it is the forum which is stylish and the high-class
    impression of seeming.
    After the starting the BS digital main broadcast, high picture
    quality, treble quality, feature of data broadcast and the multi
    channels et cetera is acknowledged gradually, future real spread is
    expected. This corporation can enjoy the contents of BS digital
    broadcast freely, promoting the real spread of the BS digital
    television ' the HD800 series ' with sale, it is defeated. * SRS
    Labs, Inc. It is trade mark.

    Specs in next page

    - hopefully some help - but who is to say that this model or a variant is on its way - thought Sony UK made most of the TV's for this market in the UK in Wales and exported many of them as well...

  8. AndyFox


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    1. As for super high fine plane surface picture tube " super fine
    pitch FD Trinitron " on-board " super fine pitch FD Trinitron ",
    center pitch substantially high finely converting by, number of slits
    of horizontal direction at this corporation ratio approximately 6
    percentage improvement. Digital high vision image is reproduced in
    high fine picture quality. Also corner pitch has improved
    substantially, letter and image information et cetera of data
    broadcast, it indicates in clearing to every nook and cranny of the
    picture. This time 28 types were thrown, the BS digital high vision
    television became all " super fine pitch FD Trinitron " loading.

    2. Digital high vision correspondence " broadband (30MHz
    correspondence) it loads the image output circuit of the new
    development which corresponds to 30MHz image zone of image output
    circuit " loading digital high vision broadcast. From the entrance of
    image to the exit, the signal processing which full corresponds in
    digital high vision image is done.

    3. High picture quality circuit " DRC-MF V1 (digital * reality *
    creation: The high picture quality circuit " DRC-MF which multiple *
    function buoy one)" makes the NTSC image of loading usual television
    broadcast and the DVD et cetera in the image which is close to high
    vision and changes (the digital * reality * creation: While the
    multiple * function)" evolving, clearly " on " " clearly " the two
    axial maps utilizing the quality of the material with simplicity
    operation, the taste of the person whom you see and the making
    changing of the picture quality which it responds to the quality and
    noise level et cetera of the source which is inputted is possible.

    4. From " the D.D.C (digital * direct * connection) you adopt the
    high picture quality system which assures the fusion with the analog
    image high vision system " adoption former ground wave broadcast and
    external input and digital image of BS digital broadcast. The Lsi and
    the MPEG decoder which the digital signal from the BS digital tuner
    the multiple signal are separated, the " DRC-MF V1 ", being digital to
    direct, you connect each Lsi " of MID-X ". It reproduces BS digital
    broadcast and ground wave broadcast to high picture quality. In
    addition the case of 2 pictures, BS digital broadcast and ground wave
    broadcast are indicated in simultaneously in high picture quality.

    5. It starts projecting the still picture which in memory stick *
    slot loading " memory stick " is taken to high picture quality.
    Sliding show and index function et cetera be able to play back easily,
    method of enjoying the digital television spreads.

    < Treble quality design > 6. Digital treble quality can be enjoyed
    freely, can reproduce " the TruSurround DIGITAL 5.1CH " on-board BS
    digital three-dimensional sound field, loads " TruSurround DIGITAL
    5.1CH " function with just the speaker of substance built-in. You can
    enjoy the 5.1ch ƒTƒ‰ƒEƒ“ƒhƒXƒeƒŒƒI with ease.

    7. It improves " the multiple amplifier system adoption sound
    quality efficiency of " 3 way 6 speakers " comprehensive output 30W "
    rapidly " 3 way 6 speaker " system adoption. The " 5~9cm mid range
    speaker " and the " 5cm round tweeter " are attach directlyed to front
    panel left and right, the sound coming out which is made the natural
    stereo impression clearly, with in, to high pass balance good dynamic
    sound is reproduced " the large aperture 12cm round woofer & large
    capacity 4.5 liter BOX " 2, low from the limits. In addition, with "
    the tweeter & " the multiple amplifier system " of the comprehensive
    output 30W which drives mid range " and " the woofer " with the
    separate amplifier, the fine sound which is the transparent impression
    is played back. Furthermore, the BBE circuit * it loads. The sound
    change " of dynamic " " natural " is possible, the sound quality which
    you like can be enjoyed. * As for symbol of BBE and BBE, BBE Sound,
    Inc. It is registered trade mark

    < Function / operativity > The BML browser of correspondence this
    corporation individual development is loaded onto 8.BS digital
    broadcast service everything, everything of BS digital high vision
    broadcast, BS digital data broadcast and BS digital radio broadcast
    can be enjoyed including interactive service and weather forecast,
    sport and the news which are planned with BS data broadcast.

    If the channel and genre of the 9.MY plus the functional loading taste
    are registered, from the multi channels of BS digital broadcast it can
    make the tuning and program searching simple.

    Digital high vision image simplicity, record / can be played back in
    high picture quality by connecting with the 10.ic.link terminal and
    the AV mouse on-board ic.link corresponding equipment. In addition,
    it can do video recording reservation simply with remote control with
    the AV mouse.

    11. The abundant input terminal D4 image input terminal of
    corresponding possible total 7 system (it loads the abundant input
    terminal of the total 7 system which provides the broadcast signal of
    the 1125i, the 750p, the 525p and the 525i for future direct input *
    1) including, in future expansion such as D4 terminal of industry
    standardized standard. " Place t Shaun * it starts projecting 2 " to
    high picture quality, it loads also the AV multiple input terminal. *
    1: Converting to the 1125i, it indicates 750p image. * 2: " Place t
    Shaun " (inc.) is the commodity of the SONY * computer entertainment.

    < Design > 12. Stylish " floating screen " design adoption of high
    glossy paint being stylish, you adopt " the floating screen " design
    of advanced image. It administered high glossy paint to the substance
    cabinet and the private stand, it finished in the design which has the
    high-class impression overflow and one bodily sensation.

    < In addition > * Left and right picture size is changed smoothly, at
    the time of flexible 2 picture functional * stand-by low electric
    power consumption design * data broadcast image and the like of the
    electrical 0.3w and the like is expressed cuts the tube surface
    reflection " of separate system high pressure regulator " on-board *
    plain air accurately substantially with the " AR.t screen " the easy
    to see picture

    - Main specification KD-36HD800 KD-32HD800 KD-28HD800 corresponding
    signal 1125i,750p,525p,525i picture tube super fine pitch FD Trinitron
    tube 102 degree deflection 36 type (16:9) super fine pitch FD
    Trinitron tube 102 degree deflection 32 types (16:9) super fine pitch
    FD Trinitron tube 102 degree deflection 28 types (16:9) reception
    channel VHF:1 - 12ch UHF:13 - 62ch CATV:C13 - C35 BS digital: 000 -
    999ch image section BS digital tuner, ground wave double tuner and
    ghost reduction detail extractor - (three dimensional Y/C separated
    circuit) audio section audio multiplex circuit, audio utility
    installed capacity (JEITA conformity): Tweeter / mid range 7.5w~2,
    woofer 7.5w~2 memory slot memory stick slot (front 1 system)

    Input/output terminal video input 4 systematic 4 terminal (S2 image
    input 4 systematic 4 terminal) component input 2 systematic two-pole
    (D4 image input 1 systematic 1 terminal) AV multiple (RGB/Y color
    difference) input terminal 1 systematic 1 terminal BS/ video output 1
    systematic 1 terminal (S2 image output 1 systematic 1 terminal)
    ic.link terminal (front 1 terminal rear two-poles) 3 terminal 5.1ch
    voice response terminal (the front right / the left, the rear right /
    the left, center, woofer) optical digital voice response terminal
    (AAC/PCM output) headphone terminal ¤ modular terminal (telephone
    line) 2400bps, AV mouse output terminal rated electric power
    consumption ( When standing by) 274w (0.3w) 245w (0.3w) 235w (0.3w)
    mass 97.2kg 76.2kg 57.9kg external size (cm) 99.4~62.2~59.2 (width x
    height x depth) 89.8~57.6~56.4 (width x height x depth)
    80.4~51.4~56.4 (width x height x depth) accessory multi-function
    remote control ' RM-J401 ', B-CAS card, telephone cord/code (10m),
    optional private stand such as modular telephone cord/code coupler and
    AV mouse ' SU-36HD ' (36 models) open price ' SU-32HD ' (32 models)
    open price ' SU-28HD ' (28 models) open price

    Literal translations
  9. tincan

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    Jan 8, 2002
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    Strood, Kent
    I am also in the market for a 36" TV (as my other half has now told me that I can't have the RP TV that I wanted, due to it's size)
    Had decided on the the 36FS70 but with the European stand (silver, with floating glass shelves). Went into the Sony center in Bluewater and spoke with a sales person, he told me that there are no new 36" TVs being introduced along with the new range. Don't know if it was a blag.

    P.S does anyone know if the old European stand I was talking about can be purchased anywhere as the chap told that they had been discontinued (might have been another blag!):confused:

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