36-TXPD30 and SKY (not Sky+)


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I've just got my PD30 :smoke:
JL installed it for me - as I'm not a techie

The first problem I have noticed is the quality of the picture when using SKY. I was watching the snooker and noticed an 'edge' to the balls. The picture from the terrestrial signal is MUCH better. Is there a problem with sky and the PD30????

I watch a lot of programs on SKY!!!!
DVDs and terrestrial appear to be ok.

SKY has been connected to the PD30 on AV1/RBG, and SKY has been set up on RGB and 16:9.




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look at some of the threads on the pd30 that should give you a idea on what settings are best for the tv.

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For various reasons, snooker is a very severe test of any TV system and, in the case of Panasonic's Acuity System, the 833/75 setting just can't cope.

I've found the 100Hz Plus setting to be the best compromise, although the line structure will be visible if you sit too close.

As Peahead says, try the various settings to see what suits you.

(Oh yes, Paul Hunter for Champ!)

Good luck.


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Anything through Sky is poor.

It seems to be edges of things I notice it on.
E.g Faces, clothes, snooker balls.

I call it fringing.
On one side of the objest/person there is a different color fringe.

Is there a problem with the PD30 and sky throught RGB???
No matter what setting I put it on I cannot get rid of the fringing.

I've been comparing BBC1/2 ITV and C4 through Sky to through Terrestrial, and every tiem the Terrestrial is MUCH sharper.

I did not have this problem on my 10 yr old Mistibishi!!!!

What can I do????
I'm gutted, the review in what hi fi were so positive.



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I too have just bought a pd30.Although things are not 100% perfect and it has a lot of faults described on these forums I'm telling you now it is still probably the best crt on the market!My father -in-law has the sony fx66 and the pic is diabolicle-lines all over it,football is almost un-watchable-a mate of mine has the pixel plus and thats not much better!My advice is enjoy your new tv instead of looking for faults all the time!If your dvd pic is ok then maybe a new box?or try a good quality scart lead.Oh and by the way don't you think the pd30 is the best looking tv around!
Good luck,Steve


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Have a read of the various threads on this TV and your see that the PD30 has a terrible reputation regarding RGB input from Sky. I tried three different set before changing to a different manufacturer. I think the only solution is to get a Sky+ and use the S-Video.



I have had my 36" PD30 for four weeks now, and I watch the Sky channels via cable on it. Whilst I'm still fiddling with it to get the 'perfect' picture I am very happy with the quality of the reception I am getting through digital cable.

The geometry of the set was pretty crap when it arrived, and contrast was set to full on all channels, but spending some time with video essentials and the service menu got that sorted out.

My only 'issue' with the picture quality is that some programmes appear dark.......Eastenders is a good example of this, particularly the indoor scenes.


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I know what you mean by the poor RGB signal from Sky. I now have my Sky + set to PAL. The pic now looks fine.


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If you have Sky+ why not use the S-Video output? You should find it a lot better than PAL and the RBG on the PD30.


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