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    I am on the process of chosing a new TV and from what i have seen my doubt is between the Grundig LENARO 92 FLAT MFW 92-6110/9 DVD or the Philips 36PW9767.

    Does any of you have one of this sets? Whats your opinion about them? In your opinion what is the best set?

    I would appreciate any help.

    Bellow i will try to post the main characteristics of the 2 sets.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Pedro Daniel Santos

    Grundig LENARO 92 FLAT MFW 92-6110/9 DVD
    Color tube Megatron Flat 36'' (16:9)
    Integrated DVD Player. Dolby Digital 5.1 with active system 6 channels, 140 Watt (Surround Speakers supplied).
    TeleWeb - new system of Videotext of of high grafic quality.
    Ready for WebTv.
    Remote TP 140 C. Color: Silver Procon

    Philips 36PW9767
    Tube type (Real Flat Blackline S)
    100 Hz Digital Scan
    Pixel Plus
    Digital Crystal Clear
    Digital Natural Motion
    Dolby Digital 110 W RMS
    No. of TV loudspeakers (6)
    No. of Surround loudspeakers (2)
    Easy Link

    Sorry for the long post, once again any help would be much appreciated.


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