36" Tv, but which....?



I had liked the look of the Phillips Pixel +, the Sony FS76.

But after speaking to someone who sounded like he knew his stuff, ive now been put off slightly, the set that he recommends is the Tosh, dont remember the model, but i presume its the one that has the 2 hidden shelves underneath the set which you access by pulling the door open.

It was the cheapest too! £1200!!

Im gonna go down and audition all the sets at his shop, but what do you guys reckon??

Thanks for any help in advance.


I've only tried the Tosh 36zd26p at home, and mines going back tomorrow (Weds)...and not being replaced. Usual dark bars down sides and along the bottom.
Whatever you get make sure it comes from a supplier who won't mind you swapping faulty sets and getting engineers out.
I'm not sure what to replace it with yet, FS76 looking tops, although I prefer styling of NX200 (but not the price !).
Good luck !


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Go for Philips. I have it and I love it. It has been picked as best tv ever by one of the magazines.


Had a tosh, now have the FS76. Its pretty good overall.
Ingore anything reviewed on the PP Phillps and see it for your self, with footage you are familiar with, I feel that it is the POOREST of them all, dig.artifacs and silly processing givings a gliding movement to every thing and a look of any american sit com to DVD movies. If you like it buy it.


I agree with mattheu. Try it then buy it.
Ignore the mags, some of the stuff they write is total ****.
I wonder sometimes if they even get all the kit out of the box !!


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I saw the Philips 36" PP on demo (Spiderman DVD) and was very impressed by the incredibly sharp image that the PP technology created. Certainly sharper than the Sony DRC sets that I had seen.

Then the character on the screen walked quickly across the screen and their image was surrounded by a huge amount of digital artifacts that didnt settle down until he stopped walking. I just could not believe how bad the effect was - it was worse than any other digital artifacts that I have ever seen!

I'm not saying don't go for the set I'm just recommending that you watch out for this.

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