36" TV advice badly needed!!



I wonder if any of you can help me...

I have read reviews etc.. but can't seem to decide which of the following would be the best 36" TV for me. I mainly watch DVDs and all TV I watch is via RGB connection to Sky Digital.

The three models I have on my shortlist are:

Sony KV36FS70
Phillips 36PW9607
Toshiba 36ZD26P

I have a Dolby Digital amplifier already, so don't need to worry about sound quality, I am purely interested in which will give me the best picture.

Many thanks to anyone who can help!!
have a Dolby Digital amplifier already, so don't need to worry about sound quality, I am purely interested in which will give me the best picture.

You could save money then by choosing the Philips 36PW9527 over the 9607. It's their newest set, and doesn't do DD, only Prologic, and it's cheaper than the 9607 (at least here in Belgium it is).
Does anyone know if the Philips 36PW9527 is going to be available here in the UK?
There is a new 36" Sony due out in the next couple of weeks. No info. though about features or looks. Called the FS76
I had the FS70 for several years and have never really been impressed... Its good, but like all sets, its got its problems.

This weekend, I took delivery of my Philips 9607 as a replacement to the FS70..

Picture wise, its amazing. The sound is also impressive to (For a TV), even though I have a seperate Dolby Digital solution.

But as every day goes on, I am finding problems with it. Maybe faults, maybe design problem.

However, its going to be easier to live with the problems on the Philips, as I got £650 back from the exchange, and that sort of cash can make you very tollerant to problems.

I have heard about the FS76, however I am not expecting too much as apparantly, its the same Tube in the same Casing (so it looks the same as the FS70) but its built around a different 'chassis'.

If you have any questions about the FS70 or 9607, please feel free to ask.
Apparently new FS76 has an extra RGB scart, improved DRC and universal remote. No idea what it looks like.
Up until this week, I would have said Th FS70 was the business. Fantastic picture (but I'm using good quality sqarts), it's lacking in a few features, the fastext on my mothers Phillips is instant and jumps to the page you want, you don't have to wait for it to scroll round. I also have a peculiar problem when I use the "two picture" feature (two channels displayed at the same time side by side). The colours of the right hand picture are all wrong (red is blue is one that sticks in the mind) which I've never checked out (don't use that feature much). But, of course, the biggy is the scrolling bars. Mines only just started doing it and only when I play DVD's which is a bit strange and I'm waiting to decide what to do about it. Getting it fixed seems to be a non-starter as Sony don't seem to know how to (so I've read on this site). Sorry I can't be more help.
Thanks Jon, what exactly are you finding then in the way of problems with your philips?
Just take a look at the top page of this forum for posts started by 'jweaver'..

However... I am happier with my Philips than I was with my Sony...

But, I do find the Pixel Plus 'stutter' that you get on fast pans annoying, but I will live with that..

However I have to get the 'wobble' on 60hz material fixed or it will be unusable for my R1 collection.
But you are happy with it? I have heard that PP makes images look artifical, but when I saw it in the shop I was impressed. Of course you can't really tell in the shop.

I have narrowed my shortlist to the philips and the tosh 36ZD26 now, but am not much closer to deciding!!
I bought a Panny TX36PF10 a year ago, but when it arrived the terrestrial tuner was not working, so the retailer said i could have a Sony KV36FS70 for an additional 200 quid.

I thought the Panny was good, but no doubt about it, the Sony was far superior, the first thing i saw on it was The Prince Of Egypt, ( disney animation ) and the picture was flawless, i have had no problems with this set whatsoever, all colours are rich and warm, with extremely good contrast, although switching from sky to terrestrial shows just how bad a non digital signal is.

I cant tell you about the Toshiba ( although i know they have excellent pictures ), but Philips have come out with some sort of Pixel Perfect set that gets a really good review.

Whatever you choose, if you choose the Sony you will not be dissapointed.:p
Just 2 hours old set. I was happy to ask neighbour to help me carrying the thing inside.. :) Pictrure is Amazing and all sources work perfectly, Sat, DVD, VHS, ...

After hard decision last nite reading all these, ended up with traditional TV. I was about to turn to rear projection TV, but
in my case size doesen't matter, but the picture quality.

Next upgrade is Barco or plasma in couple of years..
CRT: Philips 36PW9527
AMP: Sony STR-BD725
DVD: Sony S335
SAT: Philips
5*Jamo concert 5 series around,
no Sub needed

Thank's all for good advice and reviews !

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