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After a lot of browsing of these forums and consideration, I finally took delivery of my Panasonic TX36PL30 TV a few days ago. I must confess that after all of the problems reported with all of the 36" sets on this site I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have problems of some sort.
However, I am extremely pleased to report that, although it has only been in for a few days I am really pleased with all aspects of this set.

I know that this is not a very long "review" period but I wanted to give hope to anyone considering such a purchase, and also to thank everyone that contributes to these forums for helping me along the way. I have always considered myself to be a perfectionist but do believe that generally expectations of new technology are too great, and that the very nature of these forums can lead to a negative view of most equipment. I am sure that if I searched really hard for problems on my new purchase I could find them, but I would urge others instead to be realistic and accept this equipment into our homes for what they are.

I hope that after stating the above, real problems do not become evident but most of all wanted to thank all contributors to these forums.



Hope you get a great deal of enjoyment from your set for many years. Settle back, chill out and don't go looking for faults. Whats the saying, seek and you will find. :)


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thanks for this review. I've been looking around for a month or so for a 36"er and like you I was becoming a bit concerned with some of the previous forum comments. But I was still convinced to go for the PL30.

SO I'm greatly relieved that you like yours - I think I'll follow suit.

Happy viewing.


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I too have taken the plunge into the 36" widescreen deep blue sea, but after nearly a year of delving and research I have bought a TX36PB50. It was the first TV I looked at last year, and has taken all this time and effort just to go around in a circle.

Haven't received the T.V yet........expecting it on Monday/Tuesday.
Finger crossed.....

Thanks to all on this forum for all the help and reviews

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