36 inch or 32 inch?



Hello all

My budget is around £800 and cant make my mind up what size TV to get. I have seen Toshiba 36"tv's for around £810 or would I be better gettong a 32" say for £500 or so.

Would I be getting better quality on a "higher end" 32" than a loer end 36"

Any help appreciated :lease:


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If you sit quite close to the tv, i would go for a 32".Picture wise there isnt much in it ,slightly less definition on a larger set but not much.


It would be I guess about 8 Feet away is that close? Also I was looking at LCD TV's origionally but am still not impressed with the picture quality on them, but there is a lot of talk on is this one HDCP is this one HDCP etc for when Sky turn on that function. Are there CRT's out there that are equipped ready with HDCP etc?

Thanks in advance

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