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Hi all

In the not so near future I look forward to buy a plasma display. But my research in that area has revealed that though plasma displays are ideal for DVD watching they are not suited for videogameing and regular TV watching. I don't like the idea of playing my videogames in full screen on a 16:9 television as the aspect ration would not be correct and if I play them with the black bars I will cause uneven burn of plasma pixels.

After some calculation I reached the conclusion that if I buy a 36" television and play games with the black bars I will get a display area of approximately 27" which is close to the 28" I play them on now. I have a US Gamecube and plan to buy a US Xbox sometime in the future so I need a TV that has component inputs and can handle progressive (480p) signals, preferably both NTSC and PAL but with emphasis on NTSC. I would also very much like if it where able to do progressive scanning itself so regular TV would look better. And non of that locking the screen to full-mode when receiving progscan signals either.

Looking around on the European market I'm surprised to find that no CRT television satisfies all my needs (that I know of). The closest is the new Panasonic TX-32PH40 but I've heard less that favourable things about it's picture quality and it is only available in 32" which will yield only a 24" 4:3 display area.

I've also noticed that rear projectors tend to be more component and progressive friendly. My friend has a old one that he bought a few years back and I'm far from impressed by it's picture quality. Everything on it looks kind of blurry and washed out when playing games, it looks fine for movies though. I understand that the technology has advanced pretty far in the last few years since he bought his. So have rear projectors reached the picture quality of CRT televisions or should I just stick with CRT? Which is better the best rear projector?

I will be buying the television in approximately a year so does anyone know of a existing television or a future one that will satisfy my needs?


How about the Toshiba 36ZD26P, 36" Widescreen handles 480p (525p) NTSC signals and has an internal Progressive scan mode for all other signals.



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Which of the two (Panasonic TX-32PH40, Toshiba 36ZD26P) has the best internal progressive scan mode? Do these televisions use a custom 3:2/2:2 pull down chip made by their manufacturer or do they use the Faroudja DCDi, Silicon Image or some other?

Which of the two has the best picture quality? And why is it that this particular Toshiba set is nowhere to be found on Toshiba's website? Generally I have to say that both Panasonic and Toshiba have really stinky websites that do not contain enough technical information about their products, they should put the manual for the sets on the site for download.

Does anyone know if I can switch the display on any of these sets to 4:3 mode while they are displaying a progressive scan signal?


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The tosh wont do 4:3 with progressive scan(only on internal progressive scan) and it has dark sides... for futher info look at the massive thread..


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Damn it!!
I bet the Panasonic can't switch to 4:3 while receiving a progressive singal either. Why is it exactly that there is no TV that can do just that?!?

Any 4:3 TVs in existense that can receive progressive scan signals?

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