36" CRT and TV out


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In in two minds (well a few minds actually!) after reading that many threads :confused:

I've been looking at the Toshiba 36ZP18Q for £1289 delivered which get sgood reviews about picture quality etc

but I have now also seen the Toshiba 36ZT29 for £1494 delivered

which of the two do you recommend?

I will mostly be using it for DVD's but I would also like to connect my PC to the TV, so would like some info on which is the better of the two for using the PC

Does anyone use a TV out on their computer for these models?

if so what resolution do you use and how good is the picture?

Can anyone recommend any other 36" 16:9 TV's that will be ideal for using the TV out on my computer to get a nice clear picture in the £1200 to £1500 mark



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hi most dont really give a good picture,only plasma,ive got a geforce 4 with tv out on my sony nx100 and the quilaty is bad text isnt very clear e.t.c,loewe have vga on some of there tvs or sometimes its an option you can buy for about £50 ,i just dont rate there tvs , i like good geometry and they dont really come close to sony,toshibas geomery is poor also.for watching movies the picture isnt bad but using the desktop is very poor
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