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.. to do this:

I have a media player (Pixel Magic HD MB200) that can handle most video and audio formats.
It has optical and coaxial digital outputs, and HDMI, component and S-Video outputs.

The audio outputs work simultaneously, but only one video output can be used at a time, without a bit of button pressing.

When playing video files, I'm using the optical output direct to the Denon, to get 5.1 sound.
However, when playing audio files (mostly lossless), it sounds better if I feed the coaxial signal through an external DAC. The analogue output from the DAC then goes to the Denon.

Because the player doesn't have a display, I need to use the TV to navigate the menus.

Currently I've connected the player via HDMI to the Denon's DVD input, and I've connected the optical lead to opt1, and the analogue leads to the DVD analogue inputs.
This all works, but to switch between the 2 different audio inputs, I have to go through the connections menu, and select "digital" or "analogue".


Is there an easy way to select which audio input will be used? Alternatively, can I display the video signal from one device input, while listening to the audio signal from a different device input?


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It sounds to me like you need to use two different amp channels. But this leaves you with the problem of not having video on one channel for the menu navigation.
So maybe you could get a HDMI splitter to put the player's output to the HDMI input of two different channels. One channel is always set to optical audio, the other to analogue.

I'm not familiar with the specific devices you've got, but I assume that the above is all possible.


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HDMI splitter - didn't realise that you could do that. Off to search eBay.....
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