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32ZP48P/DVD/5.1 Questions (Newbie!)

Discussion in 'TVs' started by longleyc, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. longleyc


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    Hi there,

    Can I assume that the 32" model is the same qualit/spec as the 36" model?
    I read the excellent reviews and I intend to buy either one of these tv`s. However my home has a small living room and I was worried about the size of 36" taking over my living room.
    As the 32" would save £200 odd quid I could upgrade my video with the newer PVR`s (Ideally the new twin tuner Humax/Pace/Thomson).
    I have a Tosh 330E DVD. I dont know whether its 5.1 enc/dec built in, so my to my reading the 32" Tosh will happily convert any player to true 5.1 through the tv circuitry? i.e 5.1 enc in the tv.
    I also bought a second hand Kenwood 5.1 amp and speakers/sub. Its 80w but 7 years old. I saw it working and sounded great. BUT the speakers are HUGE 3 ft things on spikes. Theres not enough room in my new gaff. Im reasoning that the Tosh 5.1 makes a excellent attempt at matching a budget system like mine?
    Also, can anybody recomend a decent scart/component/dig opt/elec cables that wont break the bank?
  2. red16v

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    Aug 20, 2004
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    Hi, as regular readers know I have the Toshiba 32ZP48 and I cannot praise it highly enough. We bought the 32" model because we too thought the 36" model would dominate the sitting room - it was exactly the right decision (also the bigger the crt the more likely that you could have issues with geometery etc). I believe the 32" and 36" models share the same picture processing circuitry so the quality of the viewed pictures are the same. With regards to audio, your chosen DVD player will have to have either an optical or co-axial digital audio output to connect to the television if you want surround sound. We find the internal surround sound processing of the Toshiba to be excellent. By the way - the 4 speakers supplied with the Toshiba are 'bookshelf' sized - if you want to mount the speakers off the ground or be freestanding on stands then consider buying the Toshiba Prostand speaker stands. Regards, yt.

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