32ZP38 -v- Bush 22


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Today my ZP38 was taken back which currently leaves me without a main TV, therefore I have moved my old Bush portable into the living room whilst I decide what TV to buy.

First impressions, wow, what a clean picture, no noise or pixels or indeed any other artificial artifacts on the screen at all.

The TV looks tiny in the space where the 32" TV's have been and it only has one scart socket but the pictures are clean and have good depth. Does it show the finest details, er no but this TV cost around £80. Is the Tosh or my previous PD30 1,700% better, no.

My biggest issue with current TV's is they seem to enhance defects in the media stream or more importantly add there own defects to the picture. A good HiFi system should allow a person to listen to a wide range of music of their choice and not be forced to listen to pristine demonstration disc's so why cannot TV's be similar

Sorry for the rant but after 6 months of swapping TV's every few weeks I am struggling to find a reason not to keep my cheap and nasty Bush TV

Paul Atreides

It seems all your problems are 100Hz related, have you tried a 50Hz widescreen?
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