32ZP38 onboard audio query


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hope someone can help me out with this query regarding my new :) Tosh 32ZP38 and it's onboard audio.
Basically my plan is to use the onboard dolby digital processor for DVDs/X-Box as follows
Centre speaker - the TVs internal speaker
Rears - the supplied satellites driven by the TV via the spring clip terminals
Fronts - use my existing hi-fi setup via the 'fixed' phono plugs.

I've got it all setup and working (i.e. noise coming out of all 5!) however I'm not sure if the proper surround signal is being outputted by the fixed phono plugs (as opposed to using the surround spring terminals).
-The manual supplies no information
-Toshiba helpline claim that the fixed phono outputs WILL output surround
-During the TVs surround setup (accessed via the OSD) the front speakers DON'T buzz as one might expect.
-A review I've read says surround is outputted via these terminals.

Can anyone help me out with this? Any setup DVDs I could try? Any ideas at all how I might figure this out?

cheers (and sorry for the long winded first post!)
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