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I've searched the forum and can't find anything on my problem. I've just taken ownership of a 32ZP18Q and notice the screen slants down left to right. There's a half centimetre difference in the margins which is especially noticable while watching widescreen. Anyone else seen this? Any comments?

Thanks v. much


I have this problem on the 36zp18, made a point of checking sets of this model in loads of showrooms and all but one had a slant, a 32", have heard on this forum that it goes if you turn the set through 90 degrees ( change earths magnetic pull ) thats not convenient for me so I watch all chanels through ntl cable digital, the slant is not noticeable on dvds.


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My set has only a mm or so slant.

I believe the only remedy is to physically adjust magnets positioned around the tube, it is not an electronicaly adjustable item.

I can't see why it would not be there on a dvd input?


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The latest Toshiba Z models ( not Picture Frame ) do allow " Geo-Magnetic Correction " from the remote handset, as do most Panasonic, Sony, JVC and Philips.
The solution with 32ZP18P ( and PQ ) , and 36" versions, is to have your supplying dealer send an engineer out to perform a no-charge adjustment. ( Basically, alter scan coils manually ).


Originally posted by kenfowler3966

I can't see why it would not be there on a dvd input? [/B]
I didn't say it wasn't there I said it wasn't noticeable, and as it's only half a centimetre out over 36" I wont lose any sleep over it.

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