32wlt66 & XBox




Any of you guys got the toshiba 32wlt66? If so, how are you finding it?

I have it, and am impressed pretty much but have a few niggles, mainly with oblivion but i am not sure if its the tv, some settings or the game itself.

Anyone else here got a 32wlt66 and an xbox 360? :)


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I have just received mine this morning and set it all up.

So far - having only tried PGR3 I'm really impressed.

I will run through some more games and try to take some pictures as well - so that I can compare with others.


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I haven't found any problems so far with any game. Only just got Oblivion and going to start playing on the weekend, so hopefully I don't notice anything.

What sort of niggles are you having?


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i have this set, and oblivion suffers from quite a lot of motion blur i find. i think this is due to low frame rates , because ridge racer 6 runs perfect with little or no motion blur and that runs at 60fps. overall i am very happy with the set.


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I've tried a few games now. PGR3, Tomb Raider, Battlefield and Call of Duty.

None of them seem to have any problems as far as blur is concerned - it may well just be that one game.

Everything else is also very good quality - although I found that the signal on freeview is much better with an external box, rather than using the in built one. It may just be the area I live in, though.

DVDs are also very good pq, no blurring as far as I can tell

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