32PW9618 v Wait for Pixel+2 with Dolby Digital?


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Decisions decisions....

Do I go and buy a 32PW9618 now or wait for a Pixel Plus 2 set to come out with the cordless Dolby digital speakers.

Emailed philips asking when a Dolby Digital Pixel+2 will come out but had no reply.

The 32PW9618 would be cheaper (found it for £935 from digitaldirectuk.com, soundandvisiononline.com and digital-point.co.uk)

Dont really want to go for a 32PW9509 because I'll then need to buy an amp and speakers separately eating up extra cash and space and I'm not that into surround sound but would like to have it. The Speakers with the 32PW9618 sound cool due to being flat and cordless.

If I get the 32PW9618 I cant help feeling that I will spending a lot of cash on out of date technology.

This is doing my nut in, any ideas on how much a 32" Pixel+2 Dolby Digital set would be when it finally gets released?

Also if anyone has seen a 32PW9618 for less then £935 with the cabinet i would be grateful if you could tell me where.


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I'm in the same situation and I have e-mailed philips. They have said they have no information on "pixel plus" lol, and they don't plan on updating older sets to pixel plus 2.

Looks like I am to be put off and not actually buy anything...


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The cheapest Ive seen a 32PW9618 (including stand) is £799 at Shasonic located in Totenham Court Road, this was last week and they only had one left in there warehouse. I was going to buy it, but may get the Sony 32FX68 instead.

The prices for the 9618 should hopefully be coming down (they have dropped by £50 since last week on pricerunner) with the release of Pixel Plus 2

Cynthia 7

Hi Supanorm,

Some time ago either Home Cinema Choice or What Video magazine gave a list of Philips televisions to be released this year Quite a few plasmas, lcds. The only CRTs listed are those we now know about with Pixel Plus 2 and the IDTVs. None of these seem to have Dolby Digital unfortunately. It mentioned the new CRTs would be cheaper and this is where they are cutting costs obviously, and such a shame.

I bought a 36" PW9618 last month and am absolutely overjoyed with this television. The picture is incredible and the sound excellent. The integrated speakers make for very clear dialogue and if you set the sound to music instead of Speech or other settings the integrated subwoofer really kicks in. The wireless speakers work well. There is a very comprehensive on screen menu to alter settings. You can really customize this television, there are so many choices; The ratio aspect can be changed on
the remote control, likewise the surround sound choices. Why some people say Pixel Plus gives an overprocessed picture, even artificial, I cannot understand. Maybe they haven't seen a television with carefully adjusted settings to give a natural picture. Those of us who have bought this set recently are very pleased with it.

Since there is no replacement for the 36PW9618 prices seem to remain much the same. Because the 32" size is now available in Pixel Plus 2 there are wonderful bargains to be had.

My set has no faults whatsoever and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the 32PW9618 to you. I didn't want a home cinema system because of all the cables, this is a neat way to get good sound. Go for it, it's so worth it. Good luck too that you have a good one.


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Cheers for all the help people.

What I'll probably do is end up getting the 32PW9618 but not yet, I'll probably give it at least a month and hopefully watch the prices fall even further.

£799 thats a bargain, pitty I don't live anywhere near London or I would have snatched that one up straight away.

Cant believe Philip's still haven't got back to me, oh well, I'm only a potential customer, no one important. Seems pretty stupid them not even knowing about their own products tutu.

Nice little recommendation there Cynthia 7 and I've gleaned a lot of info from the others posts you've wrote on the subject on other threads, very helpful indeed.

This forum seems to be a right little hotbed of good information.

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