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Could anyone please advise me how to access the service menu on a Philips 32PW9618 TV as I wish to look at some of the geometry settings.

Also could anyone recommend the settings levels for picture control such as contrast, brightnes, sharpness, hue etc. I realise such settings are very much the preference of the individual viewer but would like some idea of what most people get on with.


Cynthia 7

Hi Moonbase,

I've no idea of recommended picture settings for the 9618.

However, since I anticipated buying this television myself, I had made a note of Service Menu information.

Both Blind Lemon and rca had mentioned this.

"Most current Philips televisions use this code:

type 065296 then press the i + menu button. Press Menu to exit service mode.

Hope this helps.


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I have the Philips P+ 9528, which from what I could see is a very similar TV with the exception of the sound and the number of connections.

I use the following settings and haven't touched them in several weeks now.

Contrast: 69
Brightness: 43
Colour: 45
Sharpness: 1
Tint: Warm
Digital options: Movie plus mode
Dynamc contrast: Medium
DNR: Min
Colour Enhance: On
Active Control: Med

Hope the above helps, but I played with the settings for weeks before settling on the above. I'm sure there are discussions on other peoples settings in the threads from several weeks ago.

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Thanks Cynthia & Peter,

I have just taken delivery of my new 32PW9618 & it arrived with a very slight problem with the geometry.

The service man is coming to look at it & adjust it but I thought it would be nice to know the means to access the service menu & peoples picture preferences.


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