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hi everyone

I'm thinking of buying the phillips 32pw9617 and read all the negatives. Can anyone who owns one tell me some positives! Also what is the picture quality like with analogue tv and digital as I have only seen the dvd playback and was quite impressed with movies like gladiator , jurasik park and shrek. One last thing , has anyone seen the sony fq80 and does it compare to the philips 32pw9617?

apreciate your replies



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I first had a Sony FQ75 which had the SB, changed it to the philips 9617 which had bad geometry and some colour staining... looked at replacing it with the FQ80, and have finally decided to replace it with a plasma screen.

I got fed up with all those problems, and it seems that no matter what TV you buy someone who owns one will have something bad to say about it.

The 9617 does look good in P+ mode however it also turns on "digital natural motion" when you select Pixel plus which is useless when watching films as it makes everything look fake.. like it was recorded on a home video camera. You might not notice, or mind how different it makes the movement of objects look, but I did, and I didn't like it at all.

The FQ80 does look nice, but can you really trust $ony after the mess that was the FQ75?


I have the 32PW9617. The picture quality (with P+ turned on) on DVD is jaw-dropping good (everyone who has seen it agrees). Any digital processing artefacts amount to about two seconds in a two hour film. With terrestrial analogue TV (no digital in my area) the picture is very good from a very good signal, average with a poor signal and not very good from a very poor signal. The sound is terrific too.
I have had the set since early June and don't have a single complaint of any magnitude with it. I would buy it again, no hesitation.


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thanks for your views, and sometimes yes it is luck with tv,s if you get a bad set or good one I have previous experiance with a small teac. I would love a plasma, although you need to have that insured I guess just in case some pixels are damaged.

Unfortunately I cant afford one and prices wont go down trastically so my best bet would be the 32pw9617 and hope for the best. Alot of salesmen I have talked to say that philips is ahead of sony's drc technology and they sell both sets so Ill go for the philips as it is cheaper as well than the fq80 and has the dolby 5.1 even if it isnt as good as amp sound

bye and thanks for the views

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