32PW9527 & 32PW9617 with NTSC DVDs


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Aug 23, 2002
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Leics, UK
Can anyone confirm whether or not either of the above sets have any problems with NTSC DVDs.
At the moment, I'm on my 2nd 32PW8717, which has the same problem as the first, ie a thin multicoloured line at he very top of the screen when playing NTSC DVDs (via either Pioneer 515 or 444 DVD players).
I've also tried another set in the shop & this was also the same, so I am thinking of swapping.
You can solve this in the service menu. Just increase the vertical position of the picture a bit. I think this problem is due to the fact that NTSC has a lower vertical resolution than PAL.
Thanks, but already looked and strangely, theres no V. Shift or V. Amplitude in any of the geometry menus (Super Wide, Normal or 4:3)
Service Engineer has ordered a Service Manual to see if there's another way.
I have a 28PW9617 and get this too. It looks like more of an intensity level difference introduced by bright image content as it dissappears completely when the image is dark.

Pixel Plus tends to make it more obvious and you get DNM shimmer around it too (if I'm not seeing things).

I have an old Philips 17" set and I think I can almost see it on that too but then the picture's so much worse than on the 9617.

The 9617's great otherwise. What a picture! Would sure like to get rid of this line though. Haven't tried the service menu yet.

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