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32pf9986 with Panasonic S97 DVD player


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Hi, wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the DVD forum so I'll start here.

I have just set-up my new 9986 with a S97 multiregion player from PRC (Ilford, Essex). My question is about the HDMI connection and scaling (me not knowing too much about it). I have connected the player to the screen using a Lindy HDMI-DVI cable. I get a good picture on the screen but when pressing info, I was expecting to see 720p as being the display res. when pressing info on the screen but what I see is 576p. Is this correct?

Many thanks in advance for any help.


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All I can suggest is to dig around in the DVD's menu and ensure it is outputting 720p. The TV will display whatever is pumped in...I think.

Anybody else???


Alan D

On my Denon (1910), I have to "cycle" through the DVI settings, by pressing the button several times - 576p/720p/1080i/off.


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Ok, I'll have another look in the player's menu's but the only option I can see is to either turn HDMI on or off.

I'll post this in the DVD player forum, maybe somebody there will have some ideas?


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I have the 32" philips... and the S97...
Ive got mine to 1080i...

When the film is on... press display.... go to other settings....
then picture mode... go video output mode... then should have 525p 750p and 1125i.

I dont know if this is different for pal or ntsc dvds... i was watching a ntsc one when i posted this message.


Just for confusion - these numbers include non-picture lines of information (or whatever you call them) and are the same as 480, 720 and 1080 - freaked me out when I saw them on the menu as I thought - hang on, my LCD doesn't take any of these!

Mine was set to 625 (576) out of the box so had to do as MattDJ said to get the upscaled output

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